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WASH Program
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

2.1 billion people lack access to safe, readily water at home, and 4.4 billion lack safely managed sanitation. Clean water, basic toilets, and good hygiene practices are

essential for the survival and development of children.

Every day over 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by poor water and a lack of sanitation and hygiene.

One of the causes of Rotary is our commitment to providing clean water for everyone.


Through water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs, Rotarians form partnerships and invest in infrastructure and training that yield long-term change. In this case, the partnership

is between the Rotary Club of Jindalee and the Rotary Club of Yala, Nepal.

Since 2013, The Rotary Foundation has invested in more than 1,000 WASH Projects in more than 1,000 countries. Through grants from the Rotary Foundation and fundraising by Rotary Clubs, our volunteers have supported water purification, hygiene education, toilet construction and waste management.

2030 is the year Rotary hopes to finish providing everyone with safe water, sanitation and 


Through WASH, we teach hand hygiene awareness and distribute hand soap. School children are taught how to wash hands. We supply training on safe drinking water management and purification techniques, bio-sand water filter distribution, and water tank installations. We provide sanitation and personal hygiene by constructing locally assembled toilets using prefabs, plastics and bamboo, and support skill training to ensure proper usage and maintenance.

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