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Anti-Graffiti Project


The Anti-Graffiti Project began in 1997 when a member of the public, Anthony Lanza, was so upset at all the graffiti in the centenary suburbs that he started going and painting it out himself. The task was enormous and he soon started looking for help from his neighbours. This small group turned into The Anti Graffiti Group Incorporated  (TAGG inc). TAGG initiated a group that would go out each Sunday morning and remove graffiti all around the Centenary suburbs. Rotary decided to help out by providing regular volunteers to help out each Sunday. Over time Tony moved on and the Rotary board at the time decided that the removal of graffiti was such a worthwhile endeavour and had such a positive impact on community spirit that the Jindalee Rotary Club took over TAGG. Over the years the State Government and Brisbane City Council have supported the project, providing ongoing supplies and a dedicated TAGG vehicle, a Holden Rodeo Ute. Future Auto has also supported the project for many years by providing maintenance for the ute.  Members of Jindalee Rotary have volunteered each Sunday for more than a decade to continue the project. This initiative has inspired the Brisbane City Council to form a unit that removes graffiti all around the city. 


Graffiti is an ongoing problem that damages private and public property and reduces property values.  We may be treating the symptoms rather than the cause, but until we work out how to change societal values, TAGG will be there to keep the streets clean.

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